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Dr. Gilberto Ochoa-Ruiz

Advanced AI Research Group

Tecnologico de Monterrey, School of Engineering and Sciences


About me

Gilberto Ochoa Ruiz is a researcher in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Internet of Things affiliated to the Advanced AI Research Group at Tecnologico de Monterrey. He has participated as associated researcher and lecturer in several programs accredited by the CONAHCYT PNPC program, geared around Computer Science and Communication and Information Technologies. He obtained a master in Computer Vision in Robotics from Heriot-Watt University and a PhD in Computer Vision and Electronic Imaging from the Universite de Bourgogne, in the Laboratoire d’Imagerie et Vision Artificielle).

He is member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI, Rank I) and of the CONACYT Network on Applied Computational Network (RedICA), the Mexican Societies of IA (SMIA) and Computer Sc. (AMEXCOMP), as well as the Latinx in AI (LXAI) Coalition. He as served as reviewer for AI conferences (ICLR, ICML, CVPR and IJCNN) and biomedical computing venues too (MICCAI, ISBI, CBMS). He also serves as chair of the Latinx in Computer Vision Workshops at (LXAI @ CVPR and (LXAI @ ICCV and as part of the organization or technical program committees of these efforts, as well as other conferences. He is part of the academic staff o the Artificial Intelligence Hub at Tecnologico de Monterrey and he became recently academic partner of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Computational Colour and Spectral Imaging

He is also part of the LXAI Supercomputing innitiative with Nvidia and LatinX in AI for providing better access to hardware resources to students and researchers in Latin America.

Research interests

His research interests are focused on investigating and implementing novel algorithms and methods for applications in computer vision and medical image analysis. He has ample experience in the design and implementation of smart cameras on FPGA-based Systems-on-Chip for industrial applications (i.e. 3D scanners) at Prefixa Vision Systems and more recently he has become interested in developing optimized machine learning models for edge computing applications.

Research areas

Positions available/Grants

There are available positions (bachelor, master and PhD) for all these projects via CONACYT (Mexican Council for Science and Technology) and other grants for suitable candidates (contact me for further details). International mobility is strongly encouraged and double diplomas are possible. I strongly advice any prospect students to show qualifications in machine deep learning if possible. Showing evidence of previous projects (thesis, articles, GitHub) or qualifications from Coursera (Deep Learning and/or Artificial Intelligence for Medicine) is highly desired.



May 1st, 2024 I am very happy because this year, after 5 years of working in some way or another with the @smia_mx (I went to my 1st MICAI in 2019) I got the honor to become of the the program chairs of MICAI 2024, which will be at INAOE Puebla ! It is also worth mentioning that it will be a double celebration, since 20 years ago I came to work in Puebla with Dr. Miguel Arias and eventually in Prefixa vision Systems, how cool 😎 Thanks to the great Lourdes Martínez for the opportunity and it will be a great pleasure to collaborate with José Martínez Carranza!

April 24th-26th, 2024, Montreal, Canada: A team of collgues from SMIA and Tec de Monterrey had the opportunity to attened the Summit AI Americas in Montreal, Canada. The event was really nice and we also visited some actors of the region, particularly in Vivado (Manuel Murales) and MILA (Montreal Institute for AI, presided by Turing Prize laureate Yoshua Bengio). Last year we were in MILA too and I was fortuntare to seat in a round table with Prof. Bengio

April 17th, 2024: Today I was invited to be part of a panel on Conjunto Santander of my alma mater, Universidad de Guadalajara. The panel was part of the XXV CIAM congress and the workshop “Inteligencia Artificial en Salud: Oportunidades y Desafíos” a meeting for health professionals and in our case, journalist in the area. Very nice meeting!

April 6th, 2024: We organized a pizza night with some of the máster and Phd students of our CVINSIDE lab. It was Eduardo’s birthday and I wanted to thank both him and Low for their help in Talent Land. It also served a a pause for some other students, who have been working hard on articles: we have almost completed 6 papers for IEEE CBMS (which will take place in Guadalajara in a few months)

April 4th, 2024 I was invited to give an AI workshop in Talent Land, one of the largest tech events in the city! We did a TinyML workshop in RecreaLand with high school kids (and their parents) with two of my master students, Antonio Low and Eduardo Garduño. The activity was focused on classifying candies using the mobiles camera and another app on gesture recognition with the accelerometer of their cell phones. The high students collected data using the cell phone and deployed the models! Thank you my master thesis students Eduardo Garduño and Jesús Antonio Low for supporting me in teaching the workshop

March 15th, 2024 I am super glad to announce a new venture: the LatinX in Computer Vision coaching program! Our goals is to increase the visibility of the research done in LATAM. Get to know the research done by LatinX researchers and become the new generation of researchers in Computer Vision and AI! Work along well-known professors and researchers around the world! Polish your resume, learn about opportunities for carrying out post-graduate studies and learn about the exciting work of computer vision! We are organizing exciting sessions to meet the LatinX in AI community and people that have attended conferences such as CVPR and MICCAI! We are also inviting prospective students & coaches to publish a dissemination article on field of computer vision in the Komputer Sapiens Magazine (SMIA)

Don’t miss this opportunity! More details: We are also holding two informative sessions March 14th and March 21st, 2024 (CST)

March 6th and 14th, 2024 During the first two weekends of march we put together two online workshops for our Google Explore CSR funded project. We have a very impressive roster of speakers and very interesting talks. Apart from our 18 mentees, we had about 50 other participants.

February 28th, 2024, Monterrey, Mexico: We spent a couple of days on Campus Monterrey for the Science Summit, a congress organized by the university with very special guests. It was also the ocassion to see colleagues from around the country and to interview new students. We have two the decided to join the lab, Dassaef, who will be working on our kidney stones project and Vladimir who will be working on a new venture with Harvard Medical School. I also had the opportunity to interview students for interships for 7th semester. Very productive days!

February 23, 2024: I feel super honoured! I have been invited to write an articles for the dissemination magazine Ciencia of the Mexican Academy of Sciences (Acadedemia Mexicana de Ciencias). I have decided to talk about our work on 3D reconstruction of colonoscopic surfaces and the article will be entitled Un viaje fantástico: el rol de la visión computacional para el diagnóstico médico en el contexto de las intervenciones endoscópicas. Coooming soon!

February 7th, 2024: Very happy! I have a new PhDs student, Pablo Cesar Ruiz, who will be working on 3D reconstruction of laparoscopic scenes using Gaussian splatting. We will be collaborating with Dr. Nazim Houachine of the very prestigious Harvard Medical School I met him recently in Vancouver (MICCAI 2024) and since I also spent time at INRIA Lille, the world is small!

February 1st, 2024: Today we had the kick-off meeting of the Google ExploreCSR funded program “Latam Undergraduate Research Program in Computer Vision” in collab with Latinx in AI (LXAI)…. The effort is led by Estefanía Talavera Martínez, with me and Nils Ever Murrugarra Llerena as co-PIs… We have been working for three months already (apprt from the 3 mothns preparing the proposal) and we finally had this interaction meeting with our mentees and mentors from around the world… The selection process was really hard: we had 96 applications and we managed to select 18 talented students with small stipend for 6 moths… They will be working for 6 months with researchers from UK, Mexico, France, Argentina, USA, Netherlands, Brazil and Peru! We are quite happy! We are bringing some of these students to CVPR (Seattle, USA) and MICCAI (Marrakesh, Morocco)-. Quite happy!

January 15th, 2024

January 2nd, 2024: We start the year with a high note! We had our first meeting of the year with Prof. Lucile Rosi fro Univesité de Corse. We have been working with her for some time in wildfire spread analysis using computer vision. We recently had at paper at MICAI 2023 that won the best paper award! This year we have Eduado Guarduño using a new and more realistic dataser from Corsica, and we plan to use the method veloped by my former MSC student Jorge Francisco Ciprian to carry out some experiments and publish a couple of papers, hooray!

November 12th - 18th, 2023, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico This week some CV-inside members disembarked in Merida Yucatan, for the Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MICAI 2023, or Mexican MICAI we as we called). We had a busy agenda and we brought some friends and collaborators with us: we presented three papers (Pablo, Eduardo and Francisco), one tutorial on MLOPs (with PhDs Ivan Reyes and Jose Zapata) and we organized the MeDA challenge with them as well. We also brought two keynote speakers: Dr. Sharib Ali (Univ. Leeds) with a WUN grant and Dr. Christian Daul (CRAN, France) with a grant from ECOS Nord CONAHCYT. It was also a good opprtiunity for some students like Helena Valencia who came with me to Medical MICCAI to finally meet Sharib Ali who co-supervises her master thesis.

Our collleagues Dr. Sharib Ali and Christian Daul had very successful plenary sessions on wednesday and thursday, we saw a lot of applitations of computer vision to endoscopy in which some of our joint projects were showcased

We also have papers oral presentations with Eduardo Garduño (on FGPGa-based camera implementations for real-time IR drone imagery segmentation), Francisco Lopez-Tiro (on endoscopic stone recognition of kidney stones) and Pablo Cesar Quihui (on prostate cancer segmentation).

Some members of the group are currently in Europe: Francisco Lopez-Tiro and Ricardo Espinosa are in the CRAN lab, Daniel Flores-Araiza is in CREB (Universtat Politecnica de Catalunya) and Mansoor Ali is with Sharib Ali AIMS group in Leeds, but we managed to have large group at MICAI this year in the gala diner. Appart from PAblo Quihui best master thesis award (PRemio Jose Negrete) the organizers had a surprise for us: Eduardo Garduño won the best paper award of the conference! He was quite in shock but we worked really hard for this!

Las day we had the clossing ceremony and the presentation of the new board of the SMIA and I am very glad for being invited to be part of the new board of the Sociedad Mexicana de Inteligencia Artificial for 2024-2025 in the role of treasurer! Thanks to our president Lourdes Martinez & our vice-president Hiram Ponce for giving me the opportunity to serve & help grow the Mexican AI community !

November 1st, 2023 We are super happy! My master students Pablo Cesar Quihui obtained the 2nd place in the Jose Negrete priaze for best master thesis in AI in Mexico granted by the Sociedad Mexicana de Inteligencia Artificial (SMIA). The prize will be given during the gala dinner of the Mexican Int. Conference on AI (MICAI) in two weeks in Merida, Yucatan. Congrats Pablo!

October 20th, 2023: We are supper happy to finally announce this! A team led by Estefania Talavera (University of Twente, Neatherlands), with Nils Murrugarra-Llerena (Weber State University) and me as co-PIs, we have received a Google ExploreCSR award . Our project, “LATAM Undergraduate Research Program” aims to build research skills among latin-american students in Computer Vision. Our initiative also seek to strengthen our collaboration with LatinX in AI . We will soon share the call for mentors and research fellows. Please share with your network 😊

October 18th, 2023: The call for papers for the IEEE Symposium Computer Based Medical Systems (CMBS) is ready ☺️! We are happy to host this event in Mexico & LATAM! 😊 Details can be found We have a super good team behind this effort! We are looking to see you in Guadalajara: according to Time Magazine, the best city to visit in 2023 😊

October 8th-12th, Vancouver, Cadada: This week, my MSC Helena Valencia and myself attended MICCAI 2023, the international on conference Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention in Vancouver, Canada.

We were presenting two papers in the Cancer PRrvention Through Early Detection workshop (Caption 2023), one by Helena and other by Pablo Cesar Quihui, which took place the last day of the conference. During the first days, we met some very interesting persons, such as Dr. Binod Bhattarai from the Univeristy of Aberdeen. We also have a great time with some LatinX in AI students and PhDs from the AI in Medicine and Surgery (AIMS) group from the University of Leeds, led by my colleague Dr. Sharib Ali (Gerardo Loza) but also from University of Girona and Erasmus Mundus master MAIA (Ricardo Montoya). They are both mexican and I met them during summers research visits to Leeds and Barcleona, respectively. I also spent some time with Dr. Enzo Ferrante who was keynote in our LXCV Workshop at ICCV23 in PAris and with whom I will be submitting a proposal for a workshop at MICCAI 2024 (in Morrocco!).

The conference was full of interesting keynotes (one by Yan LeCunn, Turing Award Winner!). But my favourire were: Mihaela van der Schaar (University of Cambridge) with her talk Synthetic Data: Powerful creation not second rate copy and Dr. Jocelyne Troccaz (CNRS, France) with her talk When Vaucanson meets Hippocrate: Promises and Reality of Medical Robotics. During the gala dinner we also had the chance to meet very interesting people, in particular Dr. Nazim Haouchine from Harvard University. He works in surgical data science and we are looking forward to some collaborations!

Finally, during the last day I presented Pablo’s work and Helena had the chance to present her poster. It is really important for me that CV-inside students have these opprtunities and for this I have to thank the MICCAI society for helping Helena with the registration and also Tec de Monterrey for some financial assistance, hooray!

October 3rd, 2023, Paris France: Another successful workshop! Kudos to all the people that have made all this possible, it’s of course a lot of work but we have an amazing and vibrant community!

Members of CV-inside meet very nice connections, like the guy below (yes, you guessed well, Yan LeCunn!) this is the second Turing winner that group has met (after I met Yoshua Bengio)

October 2nd, 2023, Paris France: This year, 4 PhD students from my CV-INSIDE lab are attending the Int. Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)* in Paris as part of the organzation team of the Latinx in AI (LXAI) Research Workshop in Computer Vision! Francisco Lopez-Tiro and Ricardo Espinosa are spending a semester in France (at the Centre de Recherche en Automatoque de Nancy) as part of their double diplomas, working under Prof. Christian Daul. After this event Daniel Flores Araiza and Ivan Reyes will visit CRAN as part of the ECOS Nord CONAHCYT grant we have wit Université de Lorraine! Unfortunately Mansoor Ali (who is in an sojourn in the University in Leeds couldn’t make it for visa issues) and I decide to not to attend ICCV this time as I am attending the Caption Workshop at MICCAI next week!

September 25th, 2023: Today we have our kick-off meeting with our parners of the University of Alberta and colleagues of Campus Monterrey! We have received a seed grant of 50k CAN to work on a joint project on wildfire risk assessment in endangered area in the Monterrey area. For this project, two master students CV-INSIDE will be working with us: Eduardo Guarduño and Jesus Antonio Low. This project is a extension of other project on wildfire fighting using AI we have with Université de Corse (France) and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain) but more oriented towards crowdsensing data and wilnad-urban interfaces and is entitled: “Crowdsensing-based Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Risk Assessment Using IA”, super excited!

September 20th, 2023: We are happy to announce the “MeDA: Medical Domain Adaptation” Classification Challenge! Challenges are in fact a novelty of MICAI2023 and also the first time my team (CV-INSIDE + CinvestavGDL)is organizing one for @smia_mx (thanksto my PhD students Ivan Reyes Amezcua and Jorge Gonzalez Zapata for helping on this!)

We are looking forward for your submissions and to meet you in Merida! (the event will be hybrid if you cannot make it to Mexico) Details are in the image below or in the site website

We are looking forward for your works & to see you in Merida! Details are in the image below or in the site website: More info 👉

September 11 to 14th, 2023, Leeds, United Kingdom: This week I visited the University of Leeds as part of our Worldwide Universities Netwoek (WUN) grant with Leeds and the Universiy of Southampton. I spent the first few days with my former student Pedro Chavarrias (now doing a PhD under Sharib Ali supervision) and my PhD Mansoor Ali who is doing a sojourn here as part of the project and working on other grants with Sharib Ali and his group.

On September 14th we organzed a workshop entitled “Opportunities and challenges in emerging technologies in healthcare” in which we invited students and colleagues from several partners.

We have about 30 online participants and 20 onsite & four talks and a poster session! The first talk was given by Dr. Kate Farrahi from University of Southampton who presented her work on “Deep Cascade Learning” for federated learning applications. It was followed by a talk by me on “Endoscopic kidney stone recognition using computer vision”, a project I have with colleagues Christian Daul and done by my PhD Francisco Lopez Tiro at Centre de Recherche en Automatique in France and CV-INSIDE. After the coffee break we had a very interesting talk by Carlo Campagnoli the Faculty of Medicine and Health at Leeds, entitled “Kinematic signatures of spatial perception in prehension movements”. This is very interesting research with apps in patients with MS and autism! Last by not least, Dr Sharib Ali provided a very nice and thorough talk entitled “Opportunities & challenges in AI for endoscopy and surgery”.

Also I’m very glad as we had a relatively large Latinx in AI representation here. Peter is doing a PhD with Sharib and presented in our workshop in ECCV and Jose was in Vancouver lat CVPR. Gerardo will be joining soon I hope! Interestingly all people in this photo have been in GDL! 😱🥳😃

September 7th, 2023: Super happy! Three past and current members of CV-INSIDE lab went abroad: Juan Pablo Betancur Rengifo (🇨🇴) has been accepted at Erasmus Mundus MASTER MAIA (France, Catalunya, Italy). Daniela Herrera Montes de Oca a former MSc student joined the Centre Hospitalier Univ. d’Orleans as a research engineer, and finally Francisco Lopez-Tiro and Ricardo Espinosa went to spend six months at CRAN as part of their double diplomas. Daniel Flores Araiza will join them in october after the Latinx in AI (LXAI) 23 wokshop in Paris and Mansoor Ali Teevno is right now in Leeds (I am joining him in a couple of days) 🥳

September 1st, 2023: Super happy! 🥳🥳🥳 CV-INSIDE had 3 of 3 papers acepted at **MICAI2023 (SMIA’s Mexican Int. Conference on AI). Congrats to our master and PhD students from the lab –>

Francisco Lopez Tiro, Ivan Reyes Amezcua and summer intern Juan Pablo Betancur (now enrolled in the Erasmus Mundus MASTER_MAIA) for their endoscopic stone recognition paper entitled “Boosting Kidney Stone Identification in Endoscopic Images Using Two-Step Transfer Learning”

MSc Pablo Quihui for his method FAU-Net for segmenting prostate cancer images (with UPC in Bacelona), paper entitled “FAU-Net: An Attention U-Net Extension with Feature Pyramid Attention for Prostate Cancer Segmentation”

And MSc Eduardo Guarduño for his real-time implementation of wildfire segmentation methods on FPGA for drone images with Université de Corse! This paper is entitled “An FPGA smart camera implementation of segmentation models for drone wildfire imagery”

August 29th, 2023: We are quite happy CV-INSIDE 🥳🥳🥳 We had four extended abstracts accepted Latinx in AI research workshop at ICCV Conference 2024 in Paris 🇫🇷! Congrats to Ivan Reyes Amezcua, Daniel Flores Araiza, Daniel Herrera and Jorge Gonzalez Zapata for having your papers accepted!

August 28th, 2023: My PhD student Ricardo Espinosa-Loera and my colleague Prof. Christian Daul from CRAN (Nnacy, Francia) are attending the GRETSI conference (GRETSI’23: XXIXème Colloque Francophone de Traitement du Signal et des Images) this weeek. They will be presenting two of our papers related to our projects on 3D reconstruction on colonoscopy examinations and automated endoscopic kidney stones recognition. Unfortunatelty, my other PhD student Francisco Lopez-Tiro and myself couldn’t make it this year, as Francisco is arriving to CRAN next week!

August 23rd, 2023: I am super happy! CVINSIDE has a new member 🥳 Ilse de Anda will be working on our endoscopic kidney stone recognition project with CRAN 🇫🇷 applying some new ideas on explainable AI

More specifically case based reasoning approaches based on part prototypes and the work of Tim Miller () on hypothesis driven decision support systems

She won’t be alone, as she will be working with some of my PhD students: Daniel Flores Araiza, Alexis Lopez and Francisco Lopez-Tiro, hooray, nice things are coming 🥳 We have more and more biomedical engineering students from Tec, so nice!

August 17th, 2023: The CVINSIDE lab is celebrating today 🥳! Our ECOS Nord grant (a French-Mexican fund) has been fully formalized as of today, and we are ready to start! As a matter of fact we have been working on several of these ideas for alsmot five years but this grant will help our french- mexican team a lot!

I want to thank my colleague and co-PI Prof. Christian Daul (CRAN) as well as Andres Mendez (Cinvestav-GDL) for all their help during these 5 years. We are of course also super grateful with our clinical collaborators that are making these research projects possible!

Of course a project like this could not be possible without our PhD students to help us carry out the research and this project will help my PhDs Ivan Reyes Amezcua (working on adversarial robustness), Francisco Lopez-Tiro (endoscopic stone recognition), Ricardo Espinosa-Loera (unsuperrvised optical flow-based 3D reconstruction of the colon), Mansoor Ali Teevno (computer-aided surgery using computer vision), Alexis Lopez Escamilla (captioning and XAI) and Daniel Flores-Araiza (XAI for computer-aided diagnosis) with mobility grants for several years to France and Mexico!

We are also actively looking to opportunities to help our master students in the project and in this sense LatinX in AI has been a game changer for our group! In cannot express how much them and SMIA have done for us! Also the Microsoft Research grants from the AI for Good Lab are helping us a lot!

August 1st, 2023: My PhD student Mansoor Ali Teevno (co-supervised by Dr. Sharib Ali) arrived today to the University of Leeds as part of our joint project Optimise (financed by Worldwide Universities network, WUN). He will be working on creating a new dataset for testing robust and genelizable computer vision methods in laparoscopy!!!

I will join him in September, 2023

July 31st, 2023: Super happy! Two of my students got their papers accepted the Ca´tion workshop (organized by my colleague Dr. Sharib Ali) in cojunction with MICCAI, the most important medical imaging conference in the world!

Pablo Quihui will be presenting his work “Assessing the performance of deep learning-based models for prostate cancer segmentation using uncertainty scores”

Helena Valencia (who also got a MICCAI regristration grant, hooray!) will be presenting her work “Image captioning for automated grading and understanding of ulcerative colitis”

This us my third time in Canada and second in Vancouver this year, I am super excited!

July 15-22nd, Barcelona, Catalunya: As part of an internationalization program at Tec de Monterrey, I participated with proposal and won a grant to visit Barcelona and several institutions there. The idea was to bring new members of the Advanced AI Research Group with me, and so I invited Salvador Hinojosa and Gerardo Rodriguez. We organized a very thorough agenda with the generous help of the mexican branch of the Generalitat de Catalunya and I don’t have enough space here to go through it all herein, but we had a very intense week with some of my colleagues the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). We were received by Dr. Raul Benitez and my friend Dr. Christian Mata (who just got promoted to full staff at UPC, congrats!). We also visited the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, something I have cherished for a very long time!

The next day we spent it at the Sant Joan De Deu Hospital, one of the most important pediatric hopsitals in the world, and with whom we already have some projects going on. However,this was the opportunity to streghten our collaborations and we came up with new ideas for projects, hooray! The next day we visited the impressive Hospital Sant Pau and we plan to launch some projects with Dr. Pep Munuera

The last day we visited one of my alma maters, Universitat de Girona to meet my professors Xavi LLado and Robert Marti and I gave a talk to the PhDs studends of the lab and to students of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Medical Imaging and Applications (MAIA). We went to have a lovely lunch and spend an amzing time with them and Christian Mata

July 10-12th, 2022 - Seattle, WA: As part of the projects financed by the Microsoft AI for Health program, as well as an ongoing collaboration with Tec de Monterrey, I was invited by the leader of the Data Science Hub to present our progress on these projects and to discuss with engineers in the AI for Good lab lead by Bills Weeks and with the uruguayan boss of the data science team, Juan Lavista about possible collaborations. It was two days of intense and interesting meetings and disucssion, but also social events.

There are some interesting development between the School of Medicine at Tec de Monterrey and Microsoft, but I will keep those for later.

June 18th-24th, 2023 - Vancouver, Canada: This year I was fortunate to be able to organize the third Latinx in Conpouter Vision (LXCV) research workshop in the prestigious IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). This year, I bought 10 members of CV-inside with me, three students as authors of full papers: David Laines, Rafael Martinez Peña and Daniel Flores, whereas some other where presenting posters. Participating in CVPR is an incredible opprtunity for both master and PhD stuedents and Laines and Rafael have got PhD offers in very good universities (with LXAI friends for sure!)

The LatinX in Computer Vision Research Workshop @ CVPR2023 was a resounding success! 🥳 We had 60 participants and the great news is that we were able to help 35 students from around the world/LATAM to come to Vancouver 🇨🇦 with all their expenses covered by LXAI 😊😍! Thanks to the support of the CVPR DE&I chairs and to our sponsors 🤩 We had 25 poster presentations of we were lucky to have Andrew Ng (Stanford/Landing AI) to come a visit our students and discuss with them!!!

As usual I really enjoyed meeting my extended family from Latinx in AI 😍

June 14th, 2023: Congrats to my PhD students Francisco Lopez-Tiro and Ricardo Espinosa-Loera(along two master students from CVINSIDE, Elias Villalvazo and Axel Garcia-Vega) for having their two papers accepted at GRETSI’23: XXIXème Colloque Francophone de Traitement du Signal et des Images, that will take place in Grenoble, France in August/September! I will be visiting Leeds (UK) and Grenoble (FR) as part of some projects we have with our colleagues!

June 8th, 2023: It’s official, the CFP for the LatinX in AI in Computer Vision (LXCV) reearch workshop has been published! We are going to Paris in October for the Int. Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) and four members of CV-inside are serving chairs: myself and the PhD students Francisco Lopez-Tiro, Daniel Flores Araiza and Ricardo Espinosa-Loera

All of them are then going to Nancy, France to work under Prof. Christian Daul with whom we are collaborating in several projects. In particular Francisco Lopez-Tiro is working with urologist in the CHRU Nancy, Ricardo Espinosa Loera is working with colelagues of the Hospital Ambroise Pare in Paris and Daniel Flores Araiza will be trying to expand his explainable methods to aid bilogis in classifying kidney stones images using the morpho-constitutional anlysis. I also have plans to visit Nancy twice this year!

June 1st, 2023: Congrats to Francisco Lopez Tiro, my PhD in co-tutelle with the Universite de Lorraine for having obtained a double diploma scholarship from the French Embassy (Campus France) 🤩! I am very proud of him and of all the work he has been doing for his thesis and for the CV-inside lab. He will be spending 6 months for tree years at the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN). This year we will be organizing the Latinx in AI Research Workshop at the International Conference on Computer Vision in Paris in which me, Francisco and Ricardo Loera, will be servig as chairs, very convenient as they will be both in France 🇫🇷

May 30th, 2023: This year CV-inside is pretty much present in the Congreso Mexicano de Inteligencia Artificial (COMIA 2023) as I served as program chair. We have a very diverse and interesting program, with speakers from Tecnologico de Monterrey and LatinX in AI (Fabian Caba, from Adobe). We also organized and imparted a tutorial onn “Design Patterns and MLOps prepared by our PhD studnets Ivan Reyes Amezcua and Jorge Gonzalez Zapata. Also, and very happilly, two of my robotics students from Tec de Monterrey are receiving best paper awards for their articles.

May 26th, 2023: Congratulations to Rafael Martinez Peña for having successfully presented his master thesis on domain generalization in Barret Esophagus segmentation 🥳 ! He had a super productive two years CV-INSIDE: he contributed in a journal paper , he attended IEEE ISBI(Colombia) and he will be presenting a full paper LatinX in AI Research Workshop at CVPR2023 ! Thanks tso much to Dr. Sharib Ali from University of Leeds for helping co-advise this work and congrats to this amazing MSc student & collaborator that still has some extra results that will go for a good journal!

May 22nd, 2023: Congratulations to Elias Villalvazo Avila for having successfully presented his master thesis on multi-modal learning for endoscopic stone recognition 🥳 ! This work was a collaboration with the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy He had a super productive two years ay CV-INSIDE: two articles in the french confererence GRETSI, one at IEEE ISBI (Colombia) and we are submitting a journal to Expert Systems with Applications and working on another for Information Fusion (both in Elsevier), congrats to this amazing MSc student and collaborator!

May 22nd, 2023: Congratulations to our MSc student Pablo Quihui for having successfully defended his thesis on prostate cancer segmentation and uncertaintiy qualification 🥳 This was a collaboration with Université de Bourgogne and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya & CV-INSIDE. Pablo has already one paper published at LNCS Srpinger in MICAI (SMIA) and it’s attending the LatinX in AI workshop in Vancouver…We are planninh to submit two other papers that are ready to go!

May 18th, 2023: Super happy! Obed Cerda, master student at CINVESTAV will be joining CV-inside to work on our kidney stones project with Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN ! He will be working on captioning for facilitating the morpho-constitutional analysis of kidney stones in the clinic, cool project with lots of technical things to solve (multi-view fusion, for one) if your ask me!

April 27th, 2023: It’s official!!! Microsoft Research has supported two of our project through their AI for Health program!

In december we had a meeting with William Weeks in Mexico City to present some of our projects, and two of ours have been granted 30k USD for 3 years (180k USD in total)!!!

Two CV-inside projects are to benefit from these Azure Cloud credits

The first one is entiltled Endocopic Identification of kidney stones with the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN) in which Francisco Lopez-Tiro, Daniel Flores Araiza and Ivan Reyes are participating along with clinicians from France

The second project is entitled Novel robust computer vision methods for minimally invasive surgery in which Dr. Sharib Ali (University of Leeds) and me re working with Dr. Kate Farrahi (University ofn Southampton) finansed by a Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) grant. Mansoor Ali and Cuauthemoc Guerrero are students involved in this project.

April 25th, 2023: Super happy! We had 3 full papers and 2 extended abstacts accecpted at the LatinX in Computer Vision Research Workshop CVPR that will take place in Vancouver, Canada in June 🥳… Additionally, we had approved 8 full registration waivers for CV inside members and we have the expenses covered for three of the authors (Vadid Laines, Rafael Martinez and Daniel Flores)

April 21st, 2023:: ISBI, c’est bon and we are quite delighted! Next year is gonna be in Athens, Greece! My students & me had lots of fun at ISBI2023 at Cartagena, Colombia!😀 We (CV-inside) had two papers accepted but it was also a great opportunity for some of the students at CV-inside to serve as volunteers & gain invaluable experience 🥳! It was also an excellent way of meeting more Latinx in AI (LXAI) colleagues working on the biomedical imaging field beyond computer vision 😎

April 19th, 2023:: We spent the day on a difussion models tutorial and our PhD student Ricardo Espinosa presented his poster (main author Axel Garcia Vega) on image enhancement for 3D reconstruction on colonoscopy, a collaboration with the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN) and the Hopital Ambroise Paré (AHP, Paris)

April 18th, 2023: First day at ISBI 2023 The CV-inside team is not only here to present papers: some of our students are working as volunteers too! We mainly devoted the day to the Industrial Day. We met several members of the LatinX in AI community too!

During the Opening Ceremony I met Luca Giancardo, a first promotion student of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Computer Vision and Robotics (VIBoT) who I met back in 2007!

Overall quite a succesful first day!

April 17th, 2023: The CV-inside team has landed in Cartagena,Colombia for the IEEE Int. Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) I brought four PhD sudents with me: Ivan Reyes (CINVESTAV), Francisco Lopez-Tiro (CRAN/Tec de Monterrey), Ricardo Espinosa (UP/CRAN) and Mansoor Ali Teevno (Tec de Monterrey, co-supervised by Sharib Ali from Uni of Leeds) and a MSc studet Rafael Martinez. Some of them will be volunteers for ISBI and Ricardo and Franscisco a presenting some papers. Tjhe first two days we devoted mostly yo get acquainted with the city and walking around. The conference starts tomorrow!

April 13th, 2023: I had the pleasure of giving a keynote talk in the Artificial Intelligence Stage at Talent Land, one of the largest and more exciting forums in Jalisco and Mexico about emerging technlogies, specifically directed to high school ad bachelor students. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase the work done by CV-inside members in 3D reconstruction for endocopic examinations and for computer integrated surgery. This is super important work for enabling cancer examination and preventions techologies and digital health strategies! I also met students of mine from deveral universities, previous interns and colleagues.

April 8th, 2023: It’s Easter Holidays in Mexico and we hace worked really hard to have two papers for GRETSI 2023, which will take place in Grenoble, France in September. So we wanted to celebrate this and the three full papers that were accepted at the LXAI Workshop at CVPR 2023! I invited some of the PhDs to come over, we ordered some pizzas and opened a bottle du vin d’erable (I got this from Montreal, really good!). We also prepared some french connection cocktails with amaretto and a Cognac that my former master students Peter gave to me, it was a great time!

April, 3rd, 2023:: Great news! 3 out of our 4 papers submitted to the LatinX in Computer Vision Workshop at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) have been accepted (2 with some corrections)! I am super proud of the students at the CV-INSIDE lab and our friends and colleagues involved in the projects! The worshop will take place in Vancoucer, Canada on June 18th, 2023!

The first papaper was authored by David Laines, in collab with Gisella Bajarano from Baylor Universit is entitled “Isolated Sign Language Recognition based on Tree Structure Skeleton Images” proposes a novel representation for improving SLR in various datasets

The second paper, authored by Rafael Peña, in collab with Sharib Ali from the University of Leeds is entitled “SUPRA: Superpixel Guided Loss for Improved Multi-modal Segmentation in Endoscopy” proposes a method to deal with domain shifts in endocopy,tailored to segmentation of Barret Esophagus lesions

And finally, the “Deep Prototypical-Parts Ease Morphological Kidney Stone Identification and are Competitively Robust to Photometric Perturbations” by was co-authored by Daniel Flores Araiza and Franscisco Lopez-Tiro in collab with our friend of CRANs, France, proposed an interprretable implementaiton of the MCA anlysis! (co-supervised by Prof. Christian Daul

Below a pictures of the last meeting with the guys in Monterrey working on the papers!

And a picture having lunch with some other members of the lab in a tradiontal cabrito joint!

April, 1st, 2023: Finalizing details for the Int. Symposium on Biomedicaal Imaging (ISBI) in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia! We have an oral presentation and a poster, but we decided to present both as posters too! Currently working with our Phd students Francisco Lopez Tiro and Ricardo Espinosa Loera on two short papers for GRETSI as they will be at CRAN (Nancy, France) during the 2nd part of 2023 and we want go to Grenoble… CV-INSIDEis gonna have a great year indeed!

For preparing for the trip, we want to Casa Trapiche one of my favorite restaurants in Guadalajara, we had food from my second region, Colima! We got the tickets and Airbnb ready!

March 27th, 2023 Super good news! Daniela Herrera, one of CV-inside brightest students has been hired as a research engineer at the Centre Hospitalier Regional d’Orleans, in France! I am super happy for her as this international experience will be priceless! I am proud of helping my students to go abroad and expand their capabilities, a even brighter future is waiting for her! (below a pictute taken in New Orleans from our trip to the CVPR conference in 2022

March 9th, 2023: I had a meeting with my PhD students Ricardo Espinosa Loera and Franisco Lopez Tiro, which both are working in a joint PhD with the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN) of the Université de Lorraine. We are starting to prepare two submisstions for the french conference GRETSI, which will take place in Grenoble in late august. The idea is two prepare one on our kidney stones project using image fusion with Franisco Lopez and on image enhacement for 3D reconstruction with Ricardo Espinosa.

March 7th, 2023: We have four new master students CVINSIDE for this cohort with CONACYT scholarships, super happy!!!🥳 Javier and Cuathemoc will be working with me and my colleagues Christian Daul (CRAN, France) and Sharib Ali (Univ. of Leeds,UK) on endoscoping imaging stuff. And Carlos will be working with my friend Christian Mata (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya) and Alain Lalande (Université de Bourgogne) on the EMIDEC Challenge. Finally, Ari will continue on the ISOLATE project with the UPC and the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital!!!

March 1st, 2023: These few days we have attending the annual Tecnologico de Monterrey main science conference, the Science Summit, an excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues from other campuses and current MSC students. I have also been able to interview and rerecuit new students from the Monterrey campus, that will be joining the two new students from the Guadalajara campus.

The first day we had an amazing berbecue with our colleagues of the Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AAI) research group, led by Dr. Raul Montroy and Dr. Julieta Noguez Monroy and organized by one of the pioneers of AI in Mexico (a previous president of the SMIA) Dr. Francisco Cantu.

We had also an amazing gala dinner in which we had an amazing opportunity to connect with other colleagues

I am very happy to be part of this amazing group, the Advanced Artificial Intelligence Research group

February 13th, 2023 Today I was invited to give a talk for the biomedical engineering team at the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona, Spain, about our joint project “SegmentatIon and claSsification Of vascuLar pATtern symmEtries on cerebral vessels using DL”, thanks for the invite!

February 10th, 2023: Today we welcome two new master students to our CV-inside lab, both biomedical engineers from Tec de Monterrey campus Guadalajara: Cuauhtémoc Alonso Guerrero Ramírez and Javier Cerriteño Mgaña. The former will be working on surgical data science projects along Sharib Ali and our joint PhD student Mansoor Ali and the latter will continue some work we have on image enhancement methods for endoscopy with my PhD student Ricardo Loera, welcome guys!

February 1st, 2023: Today we had a roundtable about the implementation of the Montreal Declaration for the responsible development of AI in which Marc-Antoine Dilhac(CIFAR Chair for Ethical AI) and and Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio participated. I felt so honoured for sharing this moment with them and I have learned so much!

January 31st, 2023: First day at Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute with our colleagues from the AlgoraLab (MILA) and fair lac (Jalisco). We had a deliberative practice workshop around an ethical scenario on a predictive policing system. Next, we hosted an online Talk in AI Ethics for a discussion about the Montreal Declaration, in which I participated. A good start to prepare our tomorrow’s roundtable. Very happy to represent the Hub de Inteligencia Artificial in this effort at MILA (previously Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, founded by Alan Turing awardee Yoshua Bengio

January 24th, 2023: Good news everyone! Today we had the kick-off meeting for the Latinx in Computer Vision Research Workshop (LXCV) that will be hosted with the International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). Several members of CV-inside will be serving as chairs of the workshop: Daniel Flores Araiza will serve as presentation chair and Francisco Lopez-Tiro will serve as mentoring chair. I have this time decided to go as Outreach and Liason Chair, having served as general chair before.

Looking forward to work with our dear friends and colleagues from around the world, and meet them soon in Vancouver Canada! By the way, this is the website, more details soon!

January 22nd, 2023: Very happy! Our group CV-inside had two out of four submitted papers accepted for presentation at the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI2023)— So I am taking two master and two PhD students to Cargagena de Indias, Colombia with me 🥳!!!

First paper is entitled “Multi-Scale Structural-aware Exposure Correction for Endoscopic Imaging” and was authored by Carlos Axel Garcia Vega and Ricardo Espinosa Loera, you can read our Axiv pre-print here: link where we make use of a custom dataset presented #MICAI2022 for proposing a novel image enhnacement method for endoscopic imaging.

Second paper is entitled “Improved Kidney Stone Recognition Through Attention and Multi-View Feature Fusion Strategies” authored by our master student Elias Villalvazo Avila and PhD student Francisco Lopez-Tiro, you can read our Arxiv pre-print here: link where we combine multi-view fusion stretegies for perfoming endoscopic kidney stone identification using the morpho-constitutional analysis proposed by M. Daudon

Both are collaborations with our friends at the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN, France) where Fransisco and Ricardo are doing the PhD in double degree with Tecnologico de Monterrey! Congrats guys and to the team!!!

January 13th, 2023: We had a very productive meeting with the Centro de Innovacion Industrial e Inteligencia Artificial (CII.IA) and public/private endeavor created in Monterrey to foster projects and education on artificial intelligence. The point of contact was Dr. Juan Arturo Nolasco, Director of the Data Science hub at Tec de Monterrey, with the idea of finding some extra computational resources for our projects. The CII.IA will create to Google Cloud instances with 2 and 4 V100 GPUs, respectively. Thanks a lot, this will help us a lot with our project!

January 6th, 2023: First PhD meeting of the year & we bought a couple of Galettes de Rois. We could not get everyone in GDL but we had Alexis and Ricardo via zoom. The students have gotten some pretty good results and we are planning for ISBI2023 (Colombia), MICCAI2023 and CVPR2023 (both to be held in Vancouver, Canada) and MICAI 2023 (to be held in Merida, Yucatan). 2023 is gonna be a great year!!! 😎

January 3rd, 2023: Today we had Fransciso Lopez Tiro first year PhD presentation. He is doing a joint thesis beween Tec de Monterrey and Universite de Lorraine (as we are doing with Ricardo Espinosa) co-supervised by Prof. Christian Daul. For the “commite de suivi” we invited Prof. Franck Marzani (director of the lab where I did my PhD, the Imagerie et Vision Artificielle Lav or ImViA, previously the LE2I lab) and Dr. Miguel Mendoza. Francisco will be working on automatic endoscopic stone recognition on a few shot and continual learning setting and has already worked on a lot of papers, both for conferences and journals, in collaboration with other students from the lab.

December 16th, 2022:: I’m very glad to announce that our joint project “Novel robust computer vision methods & synthetic datasets for minimally invasive surgery” was granted with a seed fund by the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN see link. This projet will foster a collab network with the University of Leeds & the University of Southampton and Tecnológico de Monterrey and it will enable to create a new venture for all of us involved (Dr. Sharib Ali and Dr. Kate Farrahi) around surgical data science and beyond

December 12th, 2022: Last trip and last activity of the year 🥳: we had a meeting with William Weeks, Director of the Microsoft AI for Health grant program. We are here to seek for funding/GPU time for our project with CRAN (FR) on endoscopic kidney stone classification at ITESM Campus Santa Fe! An initiative of the Data Science hub led by Dr. Juan Arturo Nolazco 😊

December 10th, 2022: Today we have had our lab’s end of the year party, or posada (as we call them in Mexico). We had traditional dishes such as tamales, buñuelos and and ponche, and we broke some piñatas. For Mansoor and Jorge, two of our foreign stdents in the group was a good experience, and an abosolute blast for every one in the group (for both Tec de Monterrey and CINVESTAV students).

December 7th, 2022: Our Lab lead, Dr. Gilberto Ochoa-Ruiz has been granted the Outstanding Professors Circle award given by Tec de Monterey tonthe 16% top performing professors for their results during 2022… What he has to say about this: “I am so grateful with my students at the CV-INSIDE lab, my colleagues Latinx in AI (LXAI) and Sociedad Mexicana de IA for all the opprtitnirties given to use, I am really happy!” This is the second consecutive yeart that he obtains this prize, congrats!

November 22nd, 2022: Congrats to our PhD stundent Mansoor Ali Teevno for having won the prize for best research at Tecnologico de Monterrey, which is granted every year after a very competitive process, in which the students have to present their work before a jury of expers. So happy and proud of you Mansoor!

November 18th, 2022: Congrats to our master student Axel Garcia Vega, who successfully defended his master thesis today! He was co-supervised by me and Prof. Christian Daul from the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN, France) and has done a very amazing work during these two years at the CV Inside lab! His thesis was titled “A novel Dataset and Deep Learning Method for Automatic Exposure Correction in Endoscopic Imaging” in which we created our own paired dataset for reference based exposure correction of endoscopic frames and we repurposed and iomproved a DL-based methods for testing this Endo4IE dataset against other image enhancenment methods.

Axel had a very productive master: he published a paper MICAI 20222 in Monterrey (winning the 3rd best paper award) and presented a poster at the LatinX in AI Research Workshop at CVPR (in person in New Orleans) and we have submitted a paper to ISBI 2023 (Colombia). We plan to continue working on a journal paper applying his methods to two different computer vision tasks in endoscopic (3D reconstruction and instrument segmentation).
I am certain a bright future is waiting for him! Hooray!

November 17th, 2022: Congrats to our master student Daniela Herrera, who succesfully defended her master thesis today! She was co-supervised by Miguel Gonzalez Mendoza and Christian Mata from the Sant Joan de Deu hospital (Barcelona) and has done a very amazing work during these two years CV Inside! Her thesis was titled “Magnetic resonance image enhancement and segmentation using conventional and deep learning denoising techniques imaging for cerebral angiography”, in which we explored deep learning-based denoising and segmentation methods for MRI images.

Daniela had a very productive master: She published a paper MICAI (Sociedad Mexicana de IA) and presented a poster at LatinX in AI research workshop at the conference on Computer vision an Pattern Recognition (CVPR, New Orleans, USA) and en extended abstract at the LXCV Research workshop at the Euopean Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), where she won the best extended abstract prize… I am certain a bright future is awaiting for her!

November 16th, 2022: Congrats to our master student Pedro Chavarrias, who succesfully defendeded his master thesis today! He was co-supervised by Dr. Sharib Ali from the University of Leeds. The title of his thesis was “Detection and classification of diseases in colon and stomach using deep learning techniques”, in which we used the Endoscopic Disease Dataset for trainign a more rosbust polyp detector.

He published a paper at the Caption Workshop at MICCAI 2022 (Singapore) and another one in the Mexican Int. Conference on AI (MICAI). He also won the best posrer at the LatinX in AI research workshop at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), a bright future is waiting for him!

October 29th, 2022: We had a very succesful week in Montrerrey and we have to close it with a high note. We orgainized a BBQ! The nort of Mexico is famous for this and we took advantage that some of our members live here and are norteños… We had so much fun and we invited some people from the SMIA, we were 30 persons in total (there were a couple of students from my Deep Learning class too)

October 28th, 2022: Today we had MICAI’s gala diner. We all in CV-inside are very glad for having won two prizes at this year edition 🥳😊

Prize 1: Best master #AI thesis in Mexico (Premio Jose Negrete 😀) to Jorge Ciprián (we got 3 journal papers accepted in 3 years)

Prize 2: 3rd best paper award for Axel for our work with CRAN in France 😎

Our students also presented successfuly their papers, so proud of you guys!

October 25th, 2022: The CV-inside group has landed in Monterrey and we are about to invade the Mexican Conference on AI, taking place in Tecnologico de Monterrey. Along with my other students from CINVESTAV we are a wild bunch ready to make some noise!

We are presenging the following papers:

Daniela Herrera, Impact of loss function in DL methods for accurate retinal vessel segmentation, Paper

Mauricio Mendez, Assessing the generalization capabilities of few shot learning methods: a case study in endoscopic image classification Paper

Pedro Chavarrias, “Improving artefact detection in endoscopic video using a real-time ensemble method” Paper

Axel Garcia Vega, A Novel Hybrid Endoscopic Dataset for Evaluating ML-based Photometric Image Enhancement Models Paper

Pablo Quihui, Comparison of automatic prostate zones segmentation models in MRI images using U-net-like architectures Paper

Ivan Reyes Amezcua, MACFE: A Meta-learning and Causality Based Feature Engineering Framework Paper

From CINVESTAV (Meaning Group)

Mayra Alejandra Rivera-Ruiz, Time Series Forecasting with Quantum Machine Learning Architectures Paper

Carlos Cardenas-Ruiz, Explainable Model of Credit Risk Assessment Based on Convolutional Neural Networks Paper

October 24th, 2022: The LXAI in Computer Vision at ECCV was a success!!! We have 25 posters and 5 doctoral consortium submissions. Our group was very successful this year: Daniela Herrera Montes de Oca won the best extended abstract for our work with the Sain Joan de Deu Hospital (Barcelona), so proud of her!

Also, two other students from the group were awarded: Pedro Chaavarrias Solan got to be the most visited poster in the workshop and Daniel Flores Araiza to be the most voted (or the best poster selected by the audience), first experiment of this kind in our workshop!

October 12th, 2022: Good News! Five members of our group have extended abstracts accepted at the LatinX in AI research workshop at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) Congrats Francisco Lopez-Tiro, Daniel Flores-Araiza, Pedro Chavarrias Solano, Daniela Herrera and Mansoor Ali Teevno! LXAI at ECCV will be happening virtually in 15 days, see you there!

October 10th, 2022: Good News! I am editing a special issue with my colleagues Dr. Sharib Ali (Univ. of Leeds) and Dr. Christian Daul (CRAN). More details can be found here, and a description follows:

Medical image processing methods nowadays tend to be systematically and completely based on deep learning methods. However, the latter are not always explainable andtheir superiority over deterministic (classical) methods is not always obvious, notably for hollow organ cartography (mapping) or lesion classification.

The aim of this Special Issue is twofold: The Special Issue will focus on all types of medical image applications and devices in which AI methods (segmentation, classification, 3D reconstruction, image mosaicing, etc.) are still limited and can enable improvement in the exploitation of various other additional imaging modalities.

Secondly, the contributions can be based on either recent deep-learning approaches, or deterministic methods or on a combination of both. The aim here is to discuss the specific advantages and drawbacks of different solutions applicable to usability of medical data and its integration in clinically driven devices.

October 10th, 2022: Weekly joint PhD meeting (students from CINVESTAV and Tec de Monterrey from the Meaning & CV-INSIDE research groups) This week we are practising our presentations for MICAI2022 (organized by SMIA) in which we will be presenting 10 (yes 😱) papers! We are very excited and happy 😁 (before the meeting, I invited the PhD and MSc to the newly opened Tec Chilaquiles)

October 4th, 2022: About 3 weeks ago I was invited to give a webinar for IEEE Eingineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) - IEEE Day Tortch webinar series about our work on endoscopic stone recognition (ESR) with the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAM, FR ) and CHRU Nancy 😊 The idea of this series of webinars is to provide a window on the work done in the area of engineering in medicine in the benefit the society: the video con be found here:

September 28th, 2022: This year we started a joint course on computer vision for the Meanning and CV-Inside PhD students entitled: Computational Vision: From 3D Computer Vision to Nerf and Beyond! in which I will teach image processing and “classical 3D computer vision” to deep learning based apporaches for depth perception and also more recent stuff such as NeRF

September 22nd, 2022: Our PhD student Mansoor Ali attended two workshops at MICCAI 2022 (Singapore) CaPTion (Cancer Prevention through early detecTion), presenting Pedro Chavarrias’ work and presented his own work at the Workshop Augmented Environments for Computer Assisted Interventions (AE-CAI). In MICCAI he also met with Dr. Sharib Ali (University of Leeds) who serves as co-advisor of his thesis

September 6th, 2022: I attended the GRETSI conference (Groupe de Recherche et d’Etudes de Traitement du Signal et des Images) which took place in Nancy, France from Sept. 6th to 9th. The idea was to take advantage of this opportunity and visit my colleague Christian Daul in CRAN (Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy) with whom we collaborate in the RECONDITe project (Real timE Classification Of eNDoscopic kIdney sTonEs) and also in the PROTEUS project (3D endoscopic view enhancement using computer vision). I also met some old colleagues from the PhD and some very interesting PhD students.

I was very lucky to attend a ureteroscopic intervention with our colleagues at the Centre Hospitalier Regionale Universitaire de Nancy, with whom we are working on a Mexican-French Projet. OF course I also had the chance to visit some amazing french restaurants!

August 9th, 2022: The Supercomputer Network project was inaugurated where we aim to strengthen the capacities of the LatinX AI ecosystem. In collaboration with NVIDIA and Tecnologico de Monterrey.

August 1st, 2022: I was invited to attend the first annual meeting of the AIM-AHEAD consortium (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Consortium to Advance Health Equity and Researcher Diversity), nd effort funded by the National Institue of Health (NIH) in the USA to foster equity and fairness in the development of AI for medicine in the country for the next years.

I meet some very increidble people from some of the best universities in the US and I presented our work with LXAI with Nvidia that will be launched in Tec de Monterrey Campus Gualajara next week

June 19th, 2022: I am very happy to have been able to bring my students to CVPR2022 for our LXAI in Computer Vision research workshop!